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Welcome to Aston Bali Hotels

Aston International currently has 18 hotels open on the island of Bali and 12 more coming before the end of 2014. Have confidence in knowing that we know Bali well and have picked some of the best areas for our guests to stay in. From the popular Kuta area, to the business district of Denpasar, all the way to the peaceful rice fields of Ubud - you can find us there.

Aston International has different brands for different star levels and pricing of hotels and villas. FaveHotels are our select services brand, Quest Hotels are for 3 star hotels, Aston Hotels are 4 star, and Kamuela is for our luxury 5 star private villas. As you browse through our website, you will see the brand name, star level and pricing for all hotels to assist in selecting the perfect place to stay for you and your family. Welcome to Aston Bali Hotels and hope to see you soon in the "Island of the Gods"!


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